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Preparation for examination


Examination with contrast


CREATININ and UREA blood test is required!


Norm: 60-130 µmol/l (for men - 62-115 µmol/l, for women - 53-97 µmol/l).


Do not eat any food for 4 hours before the examination.


If you take:

·      B adenorblockers;

·      Glucophage (metformin);

·      Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances;

·      Duphalak;

·      Guanidines;

·      Interleukin.


It is recommended that you do not take these drugs on the day of the examination (at least 2-3 hours before the examination).

When registering for an examination, please specify this information and we will offer the examination in the morning.


Please, let us know if you have any of the diseases:

·      chronic kidney disease

·      thyroid disease

·      Diabetes mellitus (diabetic nephropathy)

·      bronchial asthma,

·      multiple allergy

·      heart disease (NYHA IIII-IV Class)

·      moderate or severe reactions to contrast in the anamnesis